The Rules

My Artistic Adventure's Challenge Rules

You need to use at least one element from at least one of my digital collage sheets that I sell in my Etsy in order to win prizes, and badges.  You may use other images too, but in order to win prizes you need to use at least one of mine.
The challenges are meant to inspire your creativity, so please just follow the requirements for each challenge.  

You may submit any type of tangible (nothing digital please) project unless the challenge calls for something specific.

 You may enter as many times as you wish as long as each project is newly created for submission, (no back dated projects that have been previously posted on your blog) and you use the collage sheet elements in a different way.  

You may combine my challenge here with as many other challenges as you wish.  

If for some reason your project does not meet the challenge requirements, it will remain in the gallery, but will not be considered for any prizes. 
Believe it or not I submitted something once to a blog and got the
"you didn't follow the rules message"...embarrassing!!
So...please read the rules :0)
(no worries though...I won't contact

When linking up your projects to the linking system, you will need to link directly to your blog post project (or your gallery) you have submitted, not your whole blog please.  That way it is easier to find your entry.

You will also need to have a link back to 
My Artistic Adventures in your blog project post you are submitting.

The Challenges at My Artistic Adventures will begin on the 2nd and 16th of each month at 8:00 am EST time.
(End dates noted in the inlikz)

To keep things fair to those playing along, if you do not follow the rules, your submission will not be consider for any prizes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me

Time is precious....I love to visit other peeps blogs!!  Honestly, if you have chose to have word verification on your blog instead of  using comment moderation (which works great), I will probably not leave a comment.  I have the WORST luck with them.  I may try once, but if I have to try a few times...I get frustrated...LOL.
So..please moderate your I can easily visit and leave you some love 
(I know some of those well known bots may spam you, but in your comment moderation page you can easily mark them as spam...and they will show no more).

My collage sheets tend to run in the Vintage Shabby Chic style, but your creations using my sheets can be in what ever style you prefer.  So if you are a C&S peep...then that works too!

Looking forward to seeing what you create
with my digital collage sheets!!

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